Steven W. Ellingson
Associate Professor

S.W. Ellingson

Office: 443 Durham Hall
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432 Durham Hall (0350)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

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Radio Astronomy Interference Mitigation Project

What I Do
I am interested in antennas & propagation, applied signal processing, and RF instrumentation. My work on instrumentation includes antennas, RF electronics, digital signal processing, and software for systems with unusual or extreme requirements. I work on various aspects of radio communications and radio science. I also work on instrumentation and techniques for radio astronomy, most recently in the development of meter- and cm-wavelength observing systems and interference mitigation techniques. I advise students in the "Electromagnetics" and "Communications" areas of our department.

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University
M.S., Electrical Engineering, The Ohio State University
B.S., Electrical & Computer Engineering, Clarkson University

Previous Positions
Research Scientist The Ohio State University ElectroScience Laboratory
Senior Systems Engineer Engineering Research Associates, which was subsumed into E-Systems, then Raytheon
Senior Consultant Booz-Allen & Hamilton
Captain U.S. Army, active duty

A complete list is available here.
Here are books I've written:

Radio Systems Engineering, Revised First Edition
Electromagnetics Vol. 1
Electromagnetics Vol. 2
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